Shintō Labs

Shintō Labs is a small boutique software company which offers data science solutions to local, central and international authorities in order to help them work data-driven. We are small enough for personal contact, but big enough to deliver top results. Our team is flexible and we only work with the best and most experienced professionals and young top talents.

Some organizations we have collaborated with:

Tilburg Univesity

Students’ profile

Shintō Labs is looking for students pursuing a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in one of the following fields:

  • Computing Science / Engineering,
  • Artificial Intelligence or any other related field
  • Data science, data mining, data analytics, business intelligence
  • Mathematics (incl. statistical modeling, predictive modeling, etc)

(This is not an exclusive list, but gives the general idea of what we are looking for. E.g. someone studying a related field such as Physics or Bioinformatics is more than welcome to apply).

Research Focus

Our research program is organized around four thematic areas that cover all aspects in data science

  • Data preparation on large and complex data sets
  • Data modeling & statistics
  • Data engineering & algorithms
  • Data visualisation & communication

Data preparation on large and complex data sets

Shintō Labs has its Analytics Platform with a data lake based on filesystems, SQL (PostgreSQL), Graph Databases (Neo4J) and NoSQL (MongoDB). Every business challenge we face has numerous data challenges. This research theme is focused on finding, importing, normalizing and preparing data sets for practical purposes.

Keywords: SQL, NoSQL, Normalizing, Data matching, ETL.

Data modeling & statistical analytics

Shintō Labs is designing domain specific models on top of our analytics platform to relate to real world objects. Using statisticial analysis, we gain insight into the distributions of the datasets and how they apply in specific domains. Moreover, we are developing structural models to quantify the likelihood of outcome of domain specific variables.

Keywords: Data Modeling, R, MLR, Segmentation Models, Risk analysis

Data engineering & algorithms

At the heart of Shintō Labs Analytics Platform resides our Shintō Labs Model Factory that implements statistical models and algorithms. These are deployed in our cloud platform in customer specific contexts. Finding, implementing and improving algorithms and machine learning for business challenges is the core of this research theme.

Keywords: Data algorithms, R, Graphs, Text algorithms, Pattern matching, Machine learning

Data visualization & communication

Shintō Labs gives the power of data science to business users. A key succes factor in our solutions is a solid understanding of the business challenge and turning the data models and algorithms into meaningful interpretations and stellar visualizations.

Keywords: Data visualization, Data science, Charts, UX, Interactive Maps

Current research projects

  • A unified risk model for environmental risks
  • Visual composer of data science rules model
  • Graph based algorithm for analysing risks in local government
  • Machine learning based text analysis for improving predictive models


For any questions regarding this research, please contact dr. Jurriaan Souer or fill in this form:

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Dr. Jurriaan Souer

Jurriaan Souer (1980) is one of the founders of Shintō Labs.  Jurriaan has worked in several positions at software companies in the Netherlands and Silicon Valley. He holds a Doctorate and Master’s degree in Information and Computing Science from Utrecht University.

The Research Program is developed and coordinated by Jurriaan. He has vast experience in working with Master students and PhD researchers. Feel free to contact Jurriaan, if you would like to participate or find out more!